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There are four Resource Centres in Malta. These are:

  • San Miguel Education Resource Centre caters for Primary School learners with Individual Educational Needs (IEN).  The school aims to provide an education designed to meet the needs of individual pupils. Facilities in the school range from specially designed classrooms and other therapeutic areas, to a hydrotherapy pool and a visual room equipped with multi-sensory equipment to create a stimulating environment. For learners using wheelchairs or buggies, specialized transport is provided. Importance is given to parental participation and parents are encouraged to be directly involved in the Educational Programme of their children. The Centre also offers its services and specialized programmes to babies, kinder and primary school aged learners with IEN from mainstream schools. This Resource Centre forms part of St. Clare College. Tel. 21374224
  • Guardian Angel Resource Centre offers a secondary level of education to learners who are 11-16 years old. All academic subjects are adapted to cater for our learners’ needs. We give a lot of importance to independent living skills and community based activities. Our learners can benefit from the use of highly equipped Home Economics, Science, Design and Technology, Opti-music and Multisensory rooms. At our centre we also offer classes for part time learners who can attend twice or trice weekly. All our learners have an individual educational programme that lists a set of targets and goals which we try to reach by the end of the scholastic year. This Resource Centre forms part of St. George Preca College. Tel. 21251190.
  • Helen Keller Resource Centre caters for PMLD students of secondary school age, between the ages of 12 and 16 and young adults between 16 and 22 years. Our students have profound and multiple learning disabilities and follow a curriculum that is based on the national curriculum adapted to their needs. The Centre is furnished with facilities which cater for our students’ needs and include a Multisensory Room, a Sensory Motor Studio, a Gym, a Jacuzzi and an ICT Lab. The Centre is visited by a Speech Therapist and a team of Physiotherapists every week, who monitor the students' needs in these areas. The Centre also has regular visits by a Consultant Pediatrician, with a special interest in Disabilities, and members from the Access and Communication Technology Unit (ACTU), who work closely with the ICT teacher at the Centre. This Resource Centre forms part of St. Benedict College. Tel. 21642398
  • The Dun Manwel Attard YAERC is a post-16 Resource Centre that aims to provide best quality opportunities to special needs students.  Such opportunities vary from academic, vocational and extra-curricular experiences.  The Resource Centre administration and staff do manage to create the best educational experiences in order that independent and employability skills are mastered as much as possible. Where possible therapeutic services are also offered. This Resource Centre forms part of Maria Regina College. Tel. 21573989.

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